The “Greenliner” Offers A Peek of More Friendly Aviation In Future.

The "Greenliner" Offers A Peek of More Friendly Aviation In Future.

Updated 15, December 2022

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Thoughtful news — Some delegates to the COP27 climate conference in November were criticized for traveling in private jets, while others were completely powered by sustainable aviation fuel and thus zero emissions Arrived in Egypt on a flight called .


(Greenliner) The flight was part of a program called ‘Green Liner’ operated by Etihad Airways,

The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, as a testbed for sustainable air travel solutions. commercial aviation accounts for just over 2% of his global CO2 emissions in 2021, suggesting that its contribution to climate change may be small.

But air travel impacts the climate in more complex ways than just CO2 emissions, and that impact is projected to increase in the future as more people want to fly.

This number does not tell the whole story. Renewable energy and electric vehicles offer a clear path to decarbonize sectors such as power and road transport, but the aviation industry is not so straightforward.

As a result, the industry is off track to meet its net zero target by 2050, betting that two-thirds of that transition will come from sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) Greenliner. Made from waste. It can reduce emissions by an average of 80%, but currently accounts for only 1% of the world’s kerosene consumption. Something has to change urgently.

This is why the SAF is one of the key elements of the ‘Greenliner’ programme. “This is fundamentally a call to action,” said Etihad Airways Sustainability Officer Mariam Al Qubaisi. “The idea was born to send a message to the industry at the end of 2019.

Let try everything possible for decarbonization.” The program is based on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. However, Etihad Airways has a similar initiative called Sustainable50, dedicated to the Airbus A350. Since its inception, Greenliner has advocated for the adoption of SAF to address issues such as plastic waste and inefficient flight routes.

A Quick Fix

Etihad Airways Greenliner carried a delegation to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. COP27 was held in Sharm El Sheikh. Egypt, with an additional stopover on a scheduled flight from Washington Dulles to Abu Dhabi. The flight was described as “zero emissions” as it was powered entirely by SAF. But confusingly, the plane actually used conventional jet fuel.

So, Etihad bought sufficient SAF to energy the flight and introduced the gasoline to Los Angeles International Airport. Which has the vital infrastructure and facilities.

There, the SAF became incorporated into the airport’s refueling machine with conventional gasoline. And utilized by whichever plane had been refueling that day.

This machine is called “Book & Claim.” and it is presently the handiest manner for a flight to assert it is the use of 100% SAF. The emissions are sincerely offset elsewhere, in place of on one precise flight.

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