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Compass Mining Wins $1.5 Million Settlements

By : thoughtfulnews.com January 10, 2023 Compass Mining Has Won A $1.5 Million Million. Compass Mining has won a $1.5 Million lawsuit against hosting service provider Dynamics Corp. Mining sued Dynamics, alleging that Compass...

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Economic Growth Likely To Remain Below Budget Target

Finance ministry highlights challenges for Pakistan’s Economic, including low growth, higher inflation, low forex reserves By : thoughtfulnews.com December 31, 2022 Islamabad The Ministry of Finance has highlighted the combination of challenges facing the...

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Pakistani creators can now monetize their Facebook content

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto launches programme for Facebook monetisation in Pakistan after visit to Meta headquarters in Singapore By : thoughtfulnews.com December 15, 2022 Monetize Their Facebook Bilawal Bhutto Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto launches programme...