Pasoori Becomes The Most Streamed Pakistani Song On Spotify

Pasoori is that one music from Coke Studio Season 14 which has been hummed with the aid of using the complete nation.

:Pasoori living up to the hype, becomes ‘most streamed song’ on Spotify :

By : December 15 , 2022


Pasoori is that one music from Coke Studio Season 14 which has been hummed with the aid of using the complete nation.

The music has stored anyone hooked and the evidence is the reality. That it has come to be the maximum streamed. Pakistani music of all time on Spotify. The music has catchy lyrics that’s a huge win for the music. Plus the aesthetics of the video have made it pretty unbeatable, therefore consistent with Spotify statistics. It’s been mentioned because the maximum streamed.

Pakistani music of the year, each nationally and globally.


Ali Sethi says his song became a worldwide hit. I am very proud that PASOORI has achieved these milestones while fully embodying his message of inclusion. “It’s a huge achievement for Pakistan and something we can all be proud of,” she said of her audio streaming of her artists and labels in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

One Khan FM commented on this success: At Spotify. We are focused on providing unique experiences for our listeners, and PASOORI triumph is highlighted in many creative ways that reflect the glory he brought.

The ‘Coke Studio’ banger, ‘Pasoori’ by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, has made it to the top trending searches on Google in 2022.Additionally, in Google’s Hum to Search category, “Pasoori” is the most hummed song of the five lists so far. The Pakistani track is followed by the equally big blockbuster “Butter” by K-pop septet BTS.

Indian singer Aditya A’s popular songs “Chaand Baalyan” and “Heat Waves”
British rock band Glass Animals and pop-rock crew Imagine Dragons’ “Enemy” rounded out the list.

Google has unveiled its ‘Year in Search’ for 2022 and with record-breaking numbers on several social and streaming platforms, in addition to countless renditions and reels recreations across the globe. the chartbuster track by Sethi and Gill from ‘Coke Studio’ has topped the list of most-searched songs on the global search engine (PASOORI).

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