NIH Dismisses Report Of New Covid Variant

Covid 19
NIH Dismisses Report Of New Covid Variant

By : January 3, 2023

Senior health official says Pakistan ready to tackle coronavirus as cases rise :


National Institute of Health (NIH) Executive Director Aamer Ikram on Tuesday denied all Report surrounding the presence of new variants of coronavirus in the country.

“No cases of the new variant of Covid have been reported,” said an NIH official, adding that “all precautions are being taken to combat the new variant” should cases rice field.

With the lifting of lockdowns in China and free travel, the risk of a new coronavirus variant entering Pakistan has increased.

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According to officials at the National Command and Control Center (NCOC). New variants have appeared in the past, but they were brought under “. We are ready to work on and control all variants.”

Reports suggest that the strain of coronavirus circulating in China is a subspecies of the highly infectious Omicron subspecies.
BF.7 or BA.

Yesterday, NDMA Lt. Gen. Inam Haider Malik, who chaired a conference reviewing the virus situation. Ordered the NIH to issue necessary guidelines for educational institutions, social gatherings and communities.

Meanwhile, at least 29 Omicron infections have been reported across the country in the past week as reports of a new Covid wave surfaced.

Alarm As China Eases Curbs

China reported three new COVID deaths on Monday, up from one on Sunday. The official death toll since the pandemic began is now 5,253.

China’s official death toll is comparable to her more than one million deaths in the United States, while China-controlled Hong Kong reports her more than 11,000 deaths.

The United States issued a travel warning on Wednesday, advising Americans to “reconsider travel to China, Hong Kong and Macau,” citing “reports that the health system is overwhelmed” and the risk of a new variant.The main airport in Milan, Italy, began testing passengers arriving from Beijing and Shanghai on December 26 .

China dismissed criticism of the statistics as an unfounded, politically motivated attempt to smear its policies. It also downplays the risk of new variants Report, expecting mutations to be more virulent but less severe.

Chinese health officials said this week that Omicron remains the dominant strain in China.

Australia, Germany, Thailand and others have said they will not impose additional travel restrictions for the foreseeable future.

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