Musaddiq Malik Opens Up On Working With Feroze Khan

Musaddiq Malik
Musaddiq Malik Opens Up On Working With Feroze Khan

By : December 30, 2022

Musaddiq Malik

M. Malik is a fine Pakistani actor and director and his fame project was Mere Paas Tum Ho. Musaddiq recently gave an extensive interview to Hassan Choudary of Something Haute to talk about the actor and his recently directed the drama series Habs.

He also shared his experience with Feroze Khan, Ushna Shah, Sajal Aly and Humayun Saeed. Musaddiq Male\k spoke about why he posted against his Feroze Khan.

He stated. “I mentioned it with Ushna, Nadeem Baig and crew and it changed into determined Working that we must preserve quiet. However then I wrote my mind and published it due to the fact.

If I might have requested from others, I might have now no longer published it, it changed into my selection to submit due to the fact home abuse is near me, my aunty changed into killed through my uncle. So if everyone does a touch of abuse, it is a totally massive factor for me”.

Feroze Khan

M.Malik in addition stated, “running with Feroze Khan changed into a touch difficult due to the fact there had been commitments from his aspect which had been now no longer obvious and he misled the crew and additionally on many activities he attempted to double pass me. I need to inform humans that an actor’s task is a severe task which many actors do not take seriously,

In Hollywood the actors come to select out the directors, in Pakistan director has to pamper the actor, then actor says, ‘I will come to do your scene’, it is now no longer my scene it is what you’re paid for, and I felt these items due to the fact I changed into coming from Nadeem Baig’s set wherein cast. Team and crew changed into extraordinarily professional.

In addition found out that the matters went incorrect whilst Feroze attempted to intrude in director’s task, on many activities, he cried wherein there has been no requirement. Working Musaddiq stated that on many activities he needed to positioned his foot down due to Feroze Khan”.

Ushna Shah

Then stated that running with Ushna Shah changed into extraordinarily amazing. I even praised her and he or she changed into amazed after my feedback due to the fact. Ushna Shah is well-known for her issues.

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