Kyiv Says Russia Planning Major Ground Offensive In New Year

Kyiv Says Russia
Kyiv Says Russia Planning Major Ground Offensive In New Year

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16, December

Ukraine has accused Russia of planning a wide-ranging ground offensive for early in the new year, despite recent Russian military setbacks.

President Volodymyr Zelensky and senior officials have warned that Kyiv and its allies must guard against becoming complacent.

Attacks could come towards the eastern Donbass region, the south, or even Kyiv, senior generals say.

Western analysts say Russia’s ability to successfully conduct offensive ground operations is rapidly declining.

Britain’s highest-ranking army officer. Admiral Tony Ladakin. Said this week the war would only get worse for Russia, adding that it now faces a critical shortage of artillery ammunition

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He speculated that could happen in February, when half of the 300,000 troops Russia hadcalledup in October to support the Ukraine war hadcompleted training.

In a series of briefings to the media, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said therewasgrowing evidence that Russia was planningawidespreadnewoffensivefollowing a series of battlefield casualties.

“The second part of the mobilization,about 150,000 people…atleasthehas three months to prepare,which means that,likelastyear,hewillprobablytry to launch the next wave of attacks in February. That’s their plan,” Reznikov told The Guardian.

“The Kremlin is trying to find new solutions for victory.” He added, explaining that he expected Russia to mobilize more citizens.

A new Moscow offensive could take place as early as January, but will likely come in the spring. Economists reported Thursday, with assessments coming from President Zelensky, General Valery Zarzhny and General Oleksandr Shirsky. said in an interview.

“The Russians are preparing about 200,000 recruits. There is no doubt that they will try again in Kyiv,” said General Saruzhinny, the chief of the Ukrainian army.

Russia has said it is “100% ready” and Ukraine’s “very important strategic task is to create reserves and prepare for a war that will take place in February. March at best, March at worst”. It is,” he added. Maybe end of January.” “Perhaps it will not start in Donbass. But I do not rule out the direction of Kyiv, the direction of Belarus, the direction of the south,” he said.

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