Indian Cricket Board Refuses Test Series With Pakistan At MCG

Indian Cricket Board
(BCCI) are Refuses to be deceived by Melbourne Cricket Club.

By : December 30, 2022


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and India’s Cricket Control Board (BCCI) are Refuses to be deceived by Melbourne Cricket Club’s offer to conduct an offshore test at the MCG.

The club has unofficially updated its proposal following the success of the T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and India in October.

Melbourne Offer :

“This is not a new offer. Cricket Australia (CA) had previously renewed such an offer for the England v Pakistan T20 series ahead of the T20 World Cup. At the time, BCCI and PCB It had Refuses to even consider such an offer,” a PCB official said when contacted.

He added that there was no official version on the matter yet, but PCB always believed that the test series was all about playing home and away.

“The best and most realistic option for Pakistan and India is to play home and away. India does not play abroad and does not allow cricketers to join cricke franchises…so such an offer is not a serious study,” he said. MCC CEO Stuart Fox said an investigation into this was underway, commenting during testing in Australia and South Africa.

Fox was delighted after Melbourne hosted Pakistan and India during his T20 World Cup match which was attended by over 90,000 spectators.

The Fox Said:

“I hope Cricket Australia will continue to challenge the ICC and keep moving forward.”

“When I see some stadiums around the world empty, I think it’s much better to celebrate the game with a full house.”

But PCB seems more interested in hosting such a high-profile series for the benefit of its fans.

“Even Pakistani and Indian fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of a series like this. We care about our fans so playing Home and Away is the best option. We played a series like this against Australia in the host city of Sri Lanka, but things were completely different back then. International cricket is now back in Pakistan and we have no plans to take it abroad.”

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