Feroze Khan Gets The Custody of Son Sultan Khan.

Feroze Khan
Feroze Khan Gets The Custody of Son Sultan Khan.

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Updated At : 12/21/2022

Feroze Khan

There has been an important development in Feroz Khan’s custody case against his ex-wife Syeda Aliza. In today’s lawsuit, Feroze Khan was allowed to take his Sultan Khan. According to Feroze Khan’s attorney, the court ordered his Sultan to serve Feroze Khan his five-day prison sentence. The court ordered Sultan Khan to stay with his father Feroz Khan from his 22nd December to his 27th.

However, the court did not allow Feroze Khan’s daughter Fatima to stay with her father because she is 7 months old and cannot live without her mother. According to information, Aliza Sultan also informed the court at her hearing that her son Sultan had already spent the night with her father.

The court also took away Fellowes Khan’s passport and identification until Sultan Khan was with him. The court later ordered him to pay Feroze Khan his Rs 10,000 as bail.

Well, according to Syeda Aliza’s attorney, the court ordered Feroze Khan to pay his son Sultan $50,000 a month and his daughter Fatima $30,000 a month.

The family court ruled on Feroz Khan’s claim for child extradition and temporary costs. In the ruling, the court gave his son Sultan his $50,000 a month and his daughter Fatima his $30,000. While paying his children’s expenses by the 14th of each month to his Feroze Khan.

Ordered to pay. Ariza’s attorney said they had concerns but would comply with an honorable court order. Feroz said the monthly payment of 80,000 was less than the children’s needs, but the rest would go to the mother pending further orders. said to be managed by Syeda Aliza also petitioned the court to video call her son while he was with his father. But this was refuted by the other party.

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