Author: Owais Ikram


Rise Of Ukraine Young Hero

By : Updated At : 12/22/2022 Ukraine : This is a war in which Ukraine fathers and sons serve on the same front. And that’s what happened to his 22-year-old Eugene Gromadskyi. At...


Feroze Khan Gets The Custody of Son Sultan Khan.

By : Updated At : 12/21/2022 Feroze Khan There has been an important development in Feroz Khan’s custody case against his ex-wife Syeda Aliza. In today’s lawsuit, Feroze Khan was allowed to take...


“The Finest World Cup Final Ever”

By : thoughtfulnews.comUpdated 12:19 AM EST, Mon December 19, 2022 —This World Cup final was a game that seemed to defy any attempt at understanding, convention, or explanation. How can you catch the sound...