Monthly Archive: January 2023

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Compass Mining Wins $1.5 Million Settlements

By : January 10, 2023 Compass Mining Has Won A $1.5 Million Million. Compass Mining has won a $1.5 Million lawsuit against hosting service provider Dynamics Corp. Mining sued Dynamics, alleging that Compass...

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Brazilian Football Legend Pele Dies At 82

By : January 10, 2023 Pele, a three-time world champion and widely regarded as the greatest player ever to invent the “beautiful game,” died Thursday at the age of 82, according to his...

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NIH Dismisses Report Of New Covid Variant

By : January 3, 2023 Senior health official says Pakistan ready to tackle coronavirus as cases rise : ISLAMABAD Report : National Institute of Health (NIH) Executive Director Aamer Ikram on Tuesday denied...